Win Treble Predictions & Tips

Get Win Treble Tips for Upcoming Football matches and improve your chances of getting better returns on your stake

A Win Treble is a popular type of accumulator bet, whereby three bets are combined – offering a greater potential reward but with an increased risk as a result.

But how do they work, and how can you increase your chances of your Win Treble bet being successful? Read on for our top Win Treble tips.

What is a Win Treble?

Put simply, a Win Treble is three separate picks combined into a single bet, offering greater odds (and so a greater potential return) than if you were to place each bet individually. However, the risks are also increased as you need all three picks to be successful in order to get a payout.

How does a Win Treble Work and how can you calculate the odds?

A Win Treble works by combining the odds of your three selections. If you have three bets, all of which would return 2/1 if successful, you roll your winnings over from each to get your total possible payout.

If your first pick is successful from a £10 stake, you would win £30 (£10 stake plus £20 winnings), which becomes your stake for the second pick. If that is successful, you would win £90 (£30 stake plus £60 winnings). Finally, if your third pick is successful, you would win £270 (£90 stake plus £180 winnings). The odds on that particular Win Treble would be 26/1.

Why bet on Win Trebles?

Win Trebles can be rewarding if successful, because of the chance of increasing your potential profits.

While the risk is increased, it is not increased to the same extent as bigger accumulators – a three-fold bet, or Win Treble, is a sensible balance of risk and reward therefore.

How to place a Win Treble

There are two main ways to place a Win Treble. For full control over your bet, place your three selections with your chosen bookmaker and open your betslip, from where you can view all possible ‘multiples’.

From there, select ‘Treble’ and the odds will be calculated automatically for you.

Alternatively, many bookmakers will offer pre-set Win Trebles – often with a price boost and increased odds available.

You can not tailor the bet, but the rewards could be greater – particularly with bookmakers like Betfair very often offering enhanced odds for new punters too.

Win Treble Tips: How to improve your returns

The best way to improve your Win Treble returns is to ignore the allure of big odds and opt for safer bets.

Teams such as Manchester City, Celtic, Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain are safe bets based on their current form – and while the odds available on a Win Treble containing three of those four teams would be low, it is more likely to be successful.

That does not improve your returns necessarily though, so the key is to study the form book.

Who is in form?

Other safe bets can be found from studying the form guides – not just the league tables, but the teams in good form too.

That works the opposite way around too; for every team in good form, try and also find teams playing badly – particularly those in strong league positions – and back against them.

This is particularly pertinent at the end of a season, where a team who were fighting to avoid relegation have done so and may ease off as a result (like West Brom in the 2016/17 Premier League season, for example).

Look at teams’ form in fixtures against each other too. QPR have a dreadful record at Nottingham Forest, for example, while – though they are currently in different leagues – Fulham have never won a league game at Arsenal.

Home or away?

Look too at teams in form at home or away, but not necessarily both – Manchester United went 40 league games unbeaten at Old Trafford, for example, despite finishing sixth in the Premier League in 2016/17.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, in that same season Burnley, Hull City and Middlesbrough each won just one of their 19 away league games.

Big odds

Combine your safe bets with riskier bets to increase your potential rewards – but be sensible with those you pick.

Teams down the bottom of the league table who have changed managers could enjoy resurgent form – Leicester lost five league games in a row at the end of Claudio Ranieri’s tenure in 2016/17, but won their first five games under Craig Shakespeare.

Alternatively, during busy periods of fixtures, teams will often rotate their players in certain competitions – see Manchester City and Manchester United’s team selections in their final Champions League group games this season, in the week before the Manchester Derby.

City ended up losing to Shakhtar Donetsk – their first defeat in any competitive fixture since the previous April.

As ever, the key to picking a successful Win Treble is to balance risk and reward.

Where to find Win Treble Price Boosts

All bookmakers want your custom, and very often this means they will offer great deals on Win Trebles to lure you in.

Betfair offer rewards to new customers, including great odds on pre-set Win Trebles bets, for example.

Check the offers on major matchdays too – the Saturday and Sunday Premier League fixtures are very often accompanied by tempting Win Treble offers on the major bookmakers’ websites.