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Copa America

Copa America Centenario 2016 Predictions

Copa América Centenario or Centennial Copa America 2016 is a special edition of Copa América. Being hosted by USA, Copa America 2016 is being marked as a celebration of 100years of South American Football Confederation or CONMEBOL. Unlike regular Copa América, this International Football Tournament would have 16 teams, not 12, with 10 teams participating from CONMEBOL and 6 teams participants from CONCACAF. 

Weekly match report Copa America 2016:

First 3 weeks has seen some great matches as the tournament started with host playing its first game against Colombia scoring no goal against the other side's 2 goals. USA's disappointing start was followed by matches between Costa Rica (Goal:0) and Paraguay (Goal:0), Haiti (Goal:0) and Per (Goal:1), Brazil (Goal:0) and Ecuador (Goal:0), Jamaica (Goal:0) and Venzuela (Goal:1), Mexico (Goal:3) and Uruguay (Goal:1), Panama (Goal:2) and Bolvia (Goal:1), Argentina and (Goal:2) Chile (Goal:1). 

Whereas, Week 2 saw USA kick-start with a bang against opponent Costa Rica with  host taking a 4 goal victory against 0 from the other side. The second week surely saw its best with major games likes Brazil scoring 7 goals against Haiti's 1 goal and Argentina taking 5 goals against Panama's 0. Other matches for this week also included clashes between Colombia (Goal:2) and Paraguay (Goal:1), Ecuador (Goal:2) and Peru (Goal:2), Uruguay (Goal:0) and Venezuela (Goal:1), Mexico (Goal:2) and Jamaica (Goal:0), Chile (Goal:2) and Bolivia (Goal:1).

Current week or the third week has so far sen 4 matches with Ecuador's 4 goals against Haiti's 0 being the highlight. other matches of this week included USA (Goal:1) and Paraguay (Goal:0), Colombia (Goal:2) and Costa Rica (Goal:3), Brazil (Goal:0) and Peru (Goal:1).

Upcoming matches for current/third week include clashes between Mexico and Venezuela, Uruguay and Jamaica, Chile and Panama, Argentina and Bolivia.

The Knockouts for Copa America 2016:

The match between Brazil and Peru on 13th June saw Brazil being knocked out by 1-0. With Brazil being 3rd in Group B with both Peru and Ecuador have qualified and joined USA and Colombia in Quarter final. Other eliminated teams are Uruguay and Jamaica from Group C and Bolivia from Group D.

Group A has USA and Colombia in knockout stage, Group B has Peru and Ecuador in knockout stage, Group C has Mexico and Venezuela in knockout stage and Group D has Argentina and Chile in knockout stage.