Anytime Goalscorer Prediction

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Anytime Goalscorer Tips

Away from match results and outcomes, betting on goalscorers in football matches remains a popular way to bet on football matches. You can bet on the first goalscorer, last goalscorer and number of goals one player will score, but the safest option is anytime goalscorer – while the odds will be slightly lower, you have more chance of the bet winning.

What is an Anytime Goalscorer Bet?

An Anytime Golascorer bet is exactly that – a bet on any individual player to score at any point in a football match.

Alongside being a popular standalone bet, many people will combine it with other bets to increase their potential returns – a player to score and their team to win, for example.

Why bet on Anytime Goalscorer?

They say it matters more when there is money on it, and if you have bet on an individual to score you will experience that feeling when watching and hoping you are on for a big payout.

Placing an Anytime Goalscorer bet is a popular way to bet on football matches, and carries a little less risk in some senses than a bet on the match outcome or score. A goalscorer can score at anytime in a match regardless of the final outcome.

Anytime Goalscorer Tips: Bet types and how to improve your potential returns

You can increase your potential rewards when betting on an individual to score by specifying when that player will score – first goal, last goal, next goal (for in-play betting) for example. While the rewards can be greater, however, the risk is naturally higher.

For a straight Anytime Goalscorer bet, meanwhile, you need to study the form...

What to look out for when betting on Anytime Goalscorer

Pretty obviously, you will want to be looking at who is scoring plenty of goals before you place an Anytime Goalscorer bet. Ciro Immobile, Harry Kane, Edinson Cavani, Mauro Icardi and Mohamed Salah all enjoyed prolific starts to the 2017/18 season, while lesser-known players like Rauno Sappinen of Estonia’s FC Flora are also safe bets given their current form.

However, while they are relatively safe bets compared to their team mates, they are not likely to return particularly tempting odds when it comes to betting on the Anytime Goalscorer. Instead you need to look away from the top strikers if you want to increase your potential profit.

Set-piece kings

Look for players who take set pieces, for example – at the halfway point in the current Premier League season, for example, Chelsea wing-back Marcos Alonso topped the list of goals from direct free-kicks and has a return of a goal roughly every 4.5 games for the Blues.

Teams who do well from corners should also be studied – West Brom topped the Premier League list last season, while Nicolas Otamendi has enjoyed his best goal-scoring season from defence for Manchester City this time out.

Penalty takers are an obvious place to look too – Leighton Baines at Everton and Mark Noble at West Ham have good penalty records in the Premier League, while elsewhere Jonathan Bamba has proved reliable from 12 yards for St.Etienne, as has Dani Parejo at Valencia.

Otherwise, attacking midfielders will generally return the best value for an Anytime Goalscorer bet in relation to how often the bet wins, and you will often have a better chance of winning if you pick players from teams who are scoring freely.

In the top leagues, Manchester City, Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain have been prolific lately, while Luton Town of the English Football League’s League Two are among the smaller teams banging in plenty of goals in 2017/18 – the Hatters scored seven or more in three separate games before Christmas.

Favourite opponents

Finally, look at individual players’ records against certain clubs. Manchester City’s all-time top goalscorer, Sergio Aguero, has scored against every Premier League team he has faced except Bolton Wanderers. He has scored 11 times against Newcastle United, and has ten from six against Watford, and yet, he has never scored at Anfield against Liverpool – his six goals in 18 games against the Reds have all come in home fixtures.

Napoli’s Lorenzo Insigne, meanwhile, prefers playing against Milan – he has scored six in ten at the time of writing, and never lost – while he also scored five times in his first six games against Empoli. On the other hand, he scored just once in his first 12 games against Roma.

Alternative Bets To Look Out For

As mentioned above, you can increase your odds and potential payout by backing a player to score the first or last goal in a game, rather than picking Anytime Goalscorer. The risk is greater – there will be only one winning bet in each category, while there could be any number of winning bets on Anytime Goalscorer – but you can again improve your odds by looking at the form book.

During the current 2017/18 Premier League season, for example, Raheem Sterling scored the last goal in ten of the 29 games he played for Manchester City before the turn of the year.

You can also combine goalscorer bets into bigger selections by pairing it with either an outcome or the correct score – for example, “Barcelona to win 3-1, and Lionel Messi to score at anytime” will return greater odds than each of those selections on their own. Very often these are the type of bets used with promotional odds, meaning a great return on your investment if they pay off.