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FootballExpert.com is your one stop guide to expert opinionated Football betting odds & prediction tips.

Our team of Football enthusiasts, followers and sports pundits have am irresistible liking to the game and thus follow each and every and all Tournaments, League Matches and Football Clubs, with utmost dedication. Result? We have a goldmine of Football betting related information ranging from Match Previews on upcoming matches, Sports Calender on popular Football Tournaments, insight into leading Bookmakers and their betting offers and much more.

Our Match Predictions are result of our Football expertise and understanding, but every Match is has its own journey. Predictions and tips are only provided to help you with your betting assumptions and decisions, no way can we really lay down 100% accurate outcome of a Football match irrespective of our finest knowledge of the sports.

We, at FootballExpert.com, are basically a bunch of Football experts and fanatics who like to share and provide guidance, information and tips on all major Football Events, Matches, Teams, Clubs and everything Football related to help you make your betting decisions.

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